Whisper Your Wealth To Come To You Now With This Santisima Muerte Audio Ritual

Look, if what You Really Want is a Powerful Wealth Ritual that you can use to spasmically ejaculate cash, currency and power in your reality, then this is for you. 


If you missed our Muerte Mulah Wealth Group Ritual, then this is a perfect alternate. If you did attend, then this will empower our ritual's effects for you.


We will utilize the power of the Nina Violeta and Nina Dorada aspects of La Santisima Muerte. ( the Purple and Gold.)


This Ritual also utilizes our Subliminal Incantations with Santisima Muerte. It's easy as fuck to use and perform.


Bring your intention to mind when pressing play.


You can meditate to this, or just let it 'mindlessly' play in earshot at low level.


Allow recording to play all the way through, no interruptions, once a week. ( MP3 is about 10 min.) The longer your consistent, the bigger your magical gainz.


Be sure to give La Santisima Muerte her respect and gratitude. And if She asks you for or you promise something, keep your word.




57/one time